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About Us

Dentistry in Kiev "Crystal Dent"

Dental clinic “Crystal Dent” was founded in 2018. For the establishment of the clinic, we used the most advanced equipment to ensure that your treatment was as comfortable and painless as possible. Doctors of the clinic regularly improve their level of qualification for introduction into the daily practice of all the innovations of dentistry.

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The advantages of dental treatment in our clinic

The high level of services and quality of treatment in our clinics became possible thanks to:

The use of innovative technologies


Use of tested materials


Equipping with efficient modern equipment


Use of safe and painless anesthesia


Individual approach to each client

Our services

Dentistry in Kiev CrystalDent

According to the beginning of 2019, the population of the capital of Ukraine is 3 million official residents (4 million according to unofficial data). Therefore, such a query as “Dentistry Kiev” very popular. And most often the words “good and best” are added to it. After all, you want to take care of the health of your teeth from those who are able to provide services of the highest quality.

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Where in Kiev is good dentistry

If you approach the question thoughtfully, then all the requirements for good dentistry can be divided into two types:

  • the level of quality of medical care;
  • the level of patient's comfort when contacting a particular clinic.

Therefore dental clinic in Kiev according to the first type should:

  • have highly qualified staff with excellent experience;
  • have high-tech equipment;
  • have quality supplies;
  • apply modern technology as well as treatment methods.

It is also important that the clinic has a sufficient number of premises and their area in order to be able to conveniently locate all the equipment necessary for work and to receive patients in accordance with the latest standards of dental work.

As for the second type, good private dentistry Kiev must:

  • to ensure maximum comfort of stay and treatment of the patient;
  • have a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere;
  • have a cozy and beautiful interior.

The communicative skills of staff, as well as their professionalism, must be of the highest standard and this applies to:

  • administrators;
  • managers;
  • nursing staff;
  • dentists.

That is all, without exception.

Conveniently, if the clinic works with insurance companies, holds promotions, provides several payment options. Kiev dental clinic , which is able to provide such an attentive approach to the patient, will ensure his peace of mind, and therefore a higher interest, in fulfilling all the doctor’s prescriptions as accurately as possible, and this:

  • makes treatment and healing faster;
  • improves performance;
  • creates a person's desire to deal with the health of the oral cavity is not absolutely necessary, but always.

Clinic Crystal Dent, located near the metro Demeevskaya, Goloseevsky district, is rightly called good dentistry.

What is the best dentistry in Kiev?

Do not forget that the best clinic can be considered when it provides a wide range of services: from diagnostics to surgical intervention. The staff of which consists of narrow specialists of different directions. Able to serve children and pregnant women. To provide high-quality, current and complete information on all matters of dental health and beauty, from prevention to treatment. And also to find as much time for the patient as he needs, and not be guided by a rigid time frame.

If the dental center is an office of which, like the staff, causes only positive emotions not only during the first visit, but also during all subsequent ones, then it can rightfully be considered the best. After all, when a patient returns with pleasure again and again, even on the smallest issues (for example, hygiene adjustment), this is a sign that the promises of the clinic do not diverge with the case and give a really excellent result.

Crystal Dent, dental clinic in Kiev, deserved a lot of good reviews, because here they are trying to meet the highest level of quality.