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Services Cost  (UAH)
Application Anesthesia50.00
Conduction Anesthesiafrom 150.00
Infiltration Anesthesiafrom 130.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Computer diagnostics before manufacture of Clear Correct aligners (USA)2,000.00
ClearCorrect ( USA) aligner treatment course, Category 1 of complexity49,500.00
ClearCorrect ( USA) aligner treatment course, Category 2 of complexity54,500.00

Plasma therapy
Services Cost  (UAH)
Plasma tubes -  1ea.200.00
Plasma therapy in the scar area  350.00
Facial zone plasma therapy   2,000.00
Hands plasma therapy1,500.00
Neck plasma therapy1,800.00
Plasma therapy for gum disease 1 jaw1,200.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Anesthesiologist’s consultation690.00
Anesthetic support for therapy and diagnostic process (including cost of medicines) (1 hour)  3,600.00
Intensive therapy team support (1 hour )  2,400.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Consultation: 15 minutesfrom 100.00
X-Rayfrom 100.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Manufacturing of diagnostic models 1 jaw300.00
Laboratory-made deprogrammer2,500.00
Diagnosis with the articulator (facebow )2,500.00
Individual bite splint for diagnostics (Brookchecker )1,500.00
Joint bite splint3,000.00
2D Investigation
Panoramic snapshot (OPTG)300.00
3D Investigation
Upper and lower jaw 900,00
Upper jaw 750.00
Lower jaw 750.00
Segment (2-3 teeth) 450,00
3D investigations for the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
Right (open/closed) 700.00
Right, in one position 350.00
Left (open/closed) 700.00
Left, in one position 350.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Professional hygiene, removal of soft dental plaque (paste + brush)300.00
Comprehensive hygienefrom 850.00
Comprehensive hygiene KAVO Prophy Flexfrom 1,200.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Teeth whitening with the Beyond machine3,600.00
Teeth whitening with the Magic Smile system2,800.00

Cavities treatment, teeth restoration
Services Cost  (UAH)
Photopolymer filling: class 1650.00
Photopolymer filling: class 2750.00
Photopolymer filling: class 3850.00
Photopolymer filling: class 4950.00
Photopolymer filling: class 51,050.00
Restoration of anterior groups of teethfrom 1,200.00
Restoration of chewing groups of teethfrom 1,100.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Root canal (RC) treatmentfrom 1300.00 to 3,700.00
Removing broken tools from the RCfrom 500.00
Removing the anchor pin from the RC300.00
Removing the stump tab from the RCfrom 600.00

Bite splints
Services Cost  (UAH)
Retention splint (removable)1,300.00
Individual sports splint2,800.00
Night soft uncoupling bite splint 1 mm1,000.00
Night hard uncoupling bite splint 1 mm1,800.00
Night hard uncoupling bite splint 2 mm2,550.00

Orthopedics. Fixed prostheses
Services Cost  (UAH)
  Orthopedics. Fixed prostheses  
Temporary crown550.00
Laboratory-made temporary crown700.00
Machined temporary crown1,550.00
Correction of a temporary crown150.00
Metal stump tab900.00
Zirconium stump tab3,000.00
Aesthetic stump tab3,000.00
Metal-ceramic crown 1 ea.from 3,100.00
Press ceramic crownfrom 6,500.00
Zirconia dioxide crownfrom 7,500.00
Veneer 1 ea.from 6,500.00
Ceramic tab6,500.00
Adhesive bridge prosthesis 3 ea.3,000.00
Orthopedics. Removable prostheses  
Removable prostheses: partial denturesfrom 4,500.00
Removable prostheses: full denturesfrom 5,000.00
Removable prostheses: Bugel dentures with claspsfrom 8,000.00
Removable prostheses: partial nylon denturefrom 6,500.00
Removable prostheses: full nylon denturefrom 7,000.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Filling periodontics card200.00
Therapeutic periodontal cleaning Level 11,300.00
Therapeutic periodontal cleaning Level 21,600.00
Therapeutic periodontal cleaning Level 3 1,800.00
Supportive periodontal cleaning700,00
Closed curettage 1 sextant1,600.00
Vector -therapy3,200.00

Pediatric Dentistry
Services Cost  (UAH)
Glass ionomer filling from 600.00
Photopolymer fillingfrom 650.00
Milk tooth restoration, frontal groupfrom 800.00
1st tooth fissure sealing400,00
Invasive fissure sealing600.00
Professional cleaning (soft dental plaque)300.00
Child adaptation 30 minutes200.00
Comprehensive hygiene KAVO Prophy Flex700.00
Standard metal crown1,500.00
Aesthetic crown3,100.00
Root canal treatmentfrom 1200.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Extraction of a milk tooth600.00
Extraction of a periodontal tooth800.00
Simple extraction of a multi-rooted tooth900.00
Complex extraction – Category 1 difficulty1,200.00
Complex extraction – Category 2 difficulty1,500.00
Complex extraction – Category 3 difficulty2,000.00
Atypical extraction3,000.00
Extraction of impacted teethfrom 2,500.00 to 3500.00

Dental implantation
Services Cost  (UAH)
Implantologist’s consultation200.00
Installation of one implant (OSSTEM)from 9,500.00
Installation of one implant (Straumann)from 21,000.00
Raising the sinus floor (open sinus lift less cost of bone material and membrane)12,000.00
Raising the sinus floor during the implantation surgery (closed sinus lift )4,500.00
Bone grafting in the implantation area (1 zone)10,000.00
Bone grafting of the alveolar bone in width30,000.00
Bone grafting of the alveolar bone in height45,000.00
Splitting of the alveolar bone7,500.00
Stage 2 OSSTEM implantation (gum template installation)1,500.00
Stage 2 Straumann implantation (gum template installation)2,500.00
Surgical template 1from 3,800.00

Implant prostheses
Services Cost  (UAH)
 Temporary OSSTEM abutment with a temporary crown3,500.00
Temporary Straumann abutment with a temporary crown7,500.00
Individual OSSTEM abutment with a zirconia crown9,500.00
Individual OSSTEM abutment with a metal-ceramic crown6,900.00
Individual Straumann abutment with a zirconia crown14,000.00
Individual Straumann abutment with a metal-ceramic crown12,400.00

Services Cost  (UAH)
Installation of one OSSTEM TS III SA implant turnkey (implant, gum template, metal-ceramic crown)* price includes anesthesia, X-ray, stitches.19,750.00
Installation of one Straumann implant turnkey (implant, abutment, metal crown)* price includes anesthesia, X-ray, stitches.37,750.00

Removable orthodontic appliances
Services Cost  (UAH)
Removable orthodontic appliancesfrom 3,000.00 to 12,000.00

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